Charity work

Seville and a revelation

This is my second week since finishing teaching and arriving in Albufeira.  Husband and I went for a ‘mini-break’ to Seville, Spain.  What a truly amazing experience.  The architecture is just amazing, the narrow streets providing a treat around every corner.  Exceptional food at ridiculously low prices – I wobbled back to the hotel in the style of a weeble the second night.  We stayed in a fabulous hotel – Casa 1800 right in the centre of the Santa Cruz area.  High spots were the cathedral and the Plaza de Espana.

Upon returning from Seville, I realised what a truly special situation I am in.  At the ripe old age of 44 I no longer have to work.  What a difference I could make to the world – but where do I start?  I have a tendency to rush in and then not follow through – but this time I have decided to take stock and consider how best I might contribute to the world.  I had imagined it would be teaching – naively I assumed that by becoming a teacher I would be making a difference to the world – but that dream was soon dashed when I realised that students are just another part of the exam results machine and that if I were a student today, there is nothing I would enjoy about going to school.

UnknownI am currently a nominated speaker for Mary’s Meals, but until now have not had the time to devote to the charity, which is one area I am hoping to develop in the coming months.  I’m also interested in helping with Alzheimers charities.  My wonderful Nana suffered with the disease and I am like a clone of her – so anticipate I too will be a sufferer.  To this end, I need to be fitter, I need to be healthier to try to ward off the disease as much as I can – and clearly I am very interested in any research carried out into cures and treatments for the disease.

For the moment I am taking time to reflect – to see how the days pan out in front of me and enjoy the fact that in the very near future I will be in a position to help others – and only time will show how it goes.

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