Happy progress

We’re now back in Albufeira after a lovely week in Nice, topped off with a trip to watch the Monaco Grand Prix!  For the first time in a long time, I actually didn’t come home with some new yarn and have been completing further pieces for the International Diploma.

After my disastrous attempt at making an asymmetrical shawl (the design for which has been greatly altered to something more achievable) I’ve contented myself with completing some of the smaller samples and using up my stash of yarn in the process.  It’s really helped me to fall back in love with crochet again, as I can see the pile of submissions growing, ready for posting on my return to Bristol.

IMG_2644.JPGI have completed the lacy stitch based on trebles which I started on the plane out to Nice.  I used up one ball of yarn as I wanted to create a piece that was slightly bigger and to get more of a feel for how the fabric would fall, which you don’t often get with smaller squares.  This time I have also completed the written aspects of the submission at the same time, rather than leave that to the last minute.

Aside from that I have also completed a few diamonds.  The design brief is for ‘a diamond with one or more interesting features’.  I made three in the end, one with simple holes in a diamond pattern, one using cluster stitches and one which is a combination of both.



The reason I made three is I wanted to create a geometric pattern using the three diamonds together – which essentially creates a hexagon. Again, I want to send along a sample which shows how the motifs could be used and rather than just draw the diagram, I thought I’d make it instead.  Given how I’m not the greatest fan of motifs, I’m really pleased with how these have turned out.  I’m starting to think a little more outside of the obvious box and am enjoying the logical side of solving the problems – even more so as I have realised I need to take a few steps back!


IMG_2645One aspect of the International Diploma I am struggling with is not sharing my designs and patterns.  One thing I live about the crochet community is how patterns are shared for others to enjoy.  In this instance, however, I have spent time putting together the pieces and working with the yarns to understand how they best work in the creation of the piece – that is my time and my effort.  I know myself, especially in Part 1 of the course, that I searched the internet for quick solutions to the requirements, but now understand that it doesn’t help me learn or understand – particularly with the creation of fabric and shape.  As a consequence I am not going to be sharing patterns for those pieces I submit for the diploma.  Maybe at a future date I might share them as completed patterns, but for now I’m happier keeping them to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I still look to the internet for design inspiration, but then turn to my own knowledge, books or just experiment with what I have to hand to complete the pieces.  I really hope you understand my reluctance to share.

IMG_2637I’ve also been working on being more visible!  I find it very difficult to share pictures of myself enjoying my craft – but here I am at work in my craft room in Portugal.  I’ve also been working on being more visible!  I find it very difficult to share pictures of myself enjoying my craft – but here I am at work in my craft room in Portugal. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been too wonderful this summer, and so I’ve had plenty of time for working on crochet pieces!


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